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Kinda Horrigans

Tuesday 24 January 2012: Now I am 6...

697/365: ... I'm as clever as clever...

... and even managed not to singe off his eyebrows. Clever lad!

Felix is 6. I tried to convince him that he was still a little bit five, but he was having none of it. The last 6 years have just whooshed by. And I love him more now than I did when he was born and that first rush of intense hot love tingled my toes. I'll never forget the calm after he was born that morning and the midwives had left us to snuggle on our sofa together. Blissful.

He's not the slightest bit calm really though. His energy blows me away. Now, I get hugs from him so tight that it feels he'll never let go. He loves to press his cheek against mine as I give him a cuddle. He has the most expressive face - eyes that widen in indignation or delight. He makes me choke with laughter at the things he says. Has a voice like a fog horn. A lisp which I adore but know will disappear in time. A chortle which is dirty and hysterical in one. He can sulk and pout... and then re-emerge as my sunshine boy again within moments. Swings from competitive and selfish to caring and giving. He still sneaks into our bed most nights. He still wraps himself around me like an affectionate boa constrictor while I sleep.

Yup. I definitely love him more every day.

And he definitely loved his pressies too. Loads of Lego which will keep him happy... and he REALLY liked the wooden fort we'd bought him. He bestowed the highest honour of kicking me and Nick out of the sitting room whilst he and Maddy immediately played with it. If they don't want you involved with their games... that's serious fun going to be had!

Y'know, he even broke off from eating his lasagne (which he loves) for dinner to go and play with it... and then the birthday candle got blown out, a bit of cake scoffed... and then more playing with the castle! Hooray for happy boys!

Hooray for birthdays!

Hooray for my Fizzy Pie!

PS Hooray for his birthday finally being here...
PPS I may even get a break from him saying 'is it my birthday yet?' for at least a couple of months




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