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Kinda Horrigans

Wednesday 1 February 2012: The fading of the day...

705/365: ... a very VERY cold day.

I have to say, I didn't even look when I took this photo - I had the camera on manual focus, set to focus on the horizon... had set the shutter speed... then... randomly snapped. I am ITCHING for it to be light in the evening so I can get out and do some proper photography! Instead, snatched moments of light is where it's at at the mo. Because I hadn't composed it properly, I thought there were bits of dust and rubbish everywhere... so I went to remove some specks from the top of the shot - then realised they were birds. Then, obviously (to me anyway), I felt guilty and undid the removing the specks bit!

Anyhoo - it's February!! Already! Whoosh, whoosh and the year chugs along. The good thing about February is that March and the start of Spring is peeking over the horizon - a fact which makes me all twinkly and happy! However, today was head freezingly cold. The sort of cold that you go out for five minutes and the top of your head feels like it's shrinking into the rest of your body.

Felix, after his over-tiredness yesterday, was off school today. He had a tummy ache apparently - though when I got home he was yelling and boinging and in the midst of a typically rowdy end-of-day-ish game. So whatever it was, has gone. He and Nick have also made a load of toy furniture today. Chunky tables. Chairs. A bookcase. A bath. Even a toilet. They've clearly had a 'boy day' today!

Oh, and while I remember, I had a realisation today on the way home. There is a formula for driving aggression:

Aggression = Number of headlights x number of exhaust pipes

The greater the number of headlights and exhaust pipes... the more aggressive the driver. Fact.

PS Unprovable fact, obviously
PPS But I'm adding it to my list of 'facts I've made up'. And it's going to take pride of place!


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