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Kinda Horrigans

Friday 24 February 2012: Around the bend...

728/365: ... that's what a day of traipsing about Yorkshire will do to a gal.

Trains suck.

They really do.

1. They're too hot - whoever enjoys having their ankles baked as the heating blasts out at foot level is crackers
2. You're forced to listen to other people's inane conversations - no, girls who sat near me, I'm not interested in the fact that you think pizza is gross or that you're 'going to get your tan on' for the weekend. And squawky women from Doncaster - just, no.
3. Crowded Friday evening trains are a particular form of hell - if you do, by some miracle, get a seat, your seat will be accompanied by glaring from standing passengers and the prospect of being wedged into your seat by everyone else's luggage blocking the aisle.
4. The sound of tinny music from someone else's earphones is enough to drive you nuts...
5. ... if the sound of someone else's game going meep and bip every few moments doesn't get you first.
6. The seats are designed to give you arse ache. It must take years of research to get that particular combination of hard, angular and downright uncomfortable spot on.
7. They make you resent the sun, as it zings in across the carriage and blinds you... then reflects on the opposite windows and takes out your remaining vision
8. You only ever realise you got on the 'slow' train by mistake when you're pulling out from the platform.
9. Being stuck in a tin can on wheels with a mouthy drunk passenger acting like a commuter sheepdog and trying to organise people to get seats on an over-crowded train isn't even good telly because their boozy breath stinks too much.

And. Bre-e-e-e-eathe.

Still, at least York Station is kinda pretty to look at!

So, busy end to the week all round. I know that driving to work is tiring but flippin' heck having been on the squish-fest of a train from Sheffield to Nottingham this evening made me miss the drive!!

This weekend, I'm going to do a spot of gardening and generally pootle. I've also noticed that my 2 year anniversary on blip is coming up so I'll have to do my normal failure to get an interesting blipday shot too at some point! I've had a dither lately about whether or not to continue blipping - and knowing that I'd have stopped short of two years made me keep going. Yet another sign of my slowly going bonkers, I think!

PS Yay for Friday!
PPS Yay much more for the weekend!!!


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