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Kinda Horrigans

Sunday 26 February 2012: It's a new dawn...

730/365: 730 pictures... 617 archived shots... 333240 views... 505 subscribers

Good. Grief.

2 flippin' years.

Well, as ever, I haven't managed a celebratory blip, but if getting up at 6 and traipsing down to the River Trent to catch the dawn is any consolation... then... ta da!!!

Every time I think I'm done with blipping, there's a nagging part of me that keeps me going. Stubbornly refusing to miss a day... and secretly panicking that the lack of an entry will rob me of the memory of that missing 24 hours. It's funny... blipping has become far more about the memory-making than the need to take a decent photo or participate in a community. The latter I wish I had more time for - but that's blipping, isn't it! It's a record of a day in a life, not a testament to your skill with a camera or your ability to communicate online.

So. Here I am. I've dragged myself through another year. I definitely take more snapshots than I used to. And I have far less time than I did for photography a year ago. But, I don't ever worry that I won't have a blip. I let myself off the hook where the quality of my shots was concerned a while ago and there's always something to catch your eye.

Blipping has changed my life, opened up a world, got me into trouble on a couple of occasions, been a revelation, been a lifeline, been a gift, confused me, addicted me and helped me let go and move on.

Thank you to the regulars who always drop by no matter how rubbish I am at reciprocating comments. Thanks to everyone who makes this a special place.

PS Wonder where the next year will take me?
PPS Fortunately, I don't have to think a whole year ahead... I get to take each day a blip at a time. :o)


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