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Kinda Horrigans

Friday 2 March 2012: Girlie walks...

735/365: ... are my favourite part of working from home.

This is one of those things that I think that if I weren't blipping, it would slip away as a memory. Walking to school with Maddy Moo. She chatted non-stop, pausing only for a moment (where I snapped this shot) and then continuing with barely a gap for breath. I can't even remember what she was going on about other than it involved puppet dwarves, it was something she'd seen, the cast of characters bordered on the bizarre and it was real... it WAS!! A full on stream of consciousness for the mile and a half to school is pretty impressive. And the sparkly morning which had us both remove our coats was also a treat.

I LOVE the days I get to feel a bit more like a 'proper' mummy rather than the 'rush out of the door barely time to give a kiss / wake up the children to say goodbye before leaving for the commute from hell' version of me. It's just a complete luxury. I had time to walk both Maddy and Felix home from school too and despite a minor spot of whinging about his tired feet, both children managed it easily and again - it was light and the fat buds and shoots appearing everywhere were yelling 'Spring!!' in our direction. YAY!!

I've also got a good old wodge of stuff done. Launched a new blog, did a first draft of a presentation, tied up some loose ends, commented on stuff that needed comments... and generally got things done without my normal myriad of meetings! Weirdly I always end up working a bit longer than usual as well. But it doesn't seem to matter at all.

PS One of the things I'm most excited about is that I hung the washing out for the first time this year!
PPS *has crushing realisation that middle age has struck if that's the most exciting thing about a Friday*
PPPS Oh, and I have 'thing that happened last night' amnesia! At about 10pm last night we heard a kerfuffle outside and people rowing in the street - which never happens in our street. It turned out it was some youngish blokes, complete with hooded tops pulled tight around their faces, sparring with one another. Which sounds harmless really - until the threats started escalating and one of them had a knife. A VERY large knife, catching the light of the street lamps. They also pulled a couple of fence panels as weapons to brandish too. Weirdly, I could see one of the blokes with a mobile obviously attempting to film what was happening (I was properly curtain twitching, albeit like a scaredy mouse!). In the end, they drove off and a couple of our lovely neighbours had called the police who followed it up quick smart. But it was pretty scary - and slightly surreal at the same time.
PPPPS That has to be my longest PPPS ever!


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