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Kinda Horrigans

Wednesday 14 March 2012: I'm repairing it...

747/365: ... he said when I asked him what he was up to. When I came back a moment later and saw him doing something similar to his old scooter, I asked him if he was still repairing stuff... 'No, I'm taking it to bits to see how it works', he replied. Eeeek!!!! We have entered the mechanical dismemberment years.


After a fairly stressful day, I did feel like curling up and collapsing when I got home... but there's always a bit of child-shaped entertainment to perk you up. Felix, for example, enlightened me on zombies at bedtime.

'Zombies don't have bones'
'They must do', I say, 'otherwise they'd be all wibbly and they're stiff'
*ignores me* 'I found out about zombies first', he continues
'Oh, right'
'Yes, no-one else knew about them. I was the first person to know about zombies. I knew about zombies before there were zombies.'

So, that's something I've learned today. I've also learned that they have a 'pass it on' thing at school whereby if someone calls someone something mean, they then 'pass it on' to someone else. He was therefore cross with one of his friends for calling him a name. It turned out that his friend had called someone else a name (still with me?) and that person had in turn called Felix it... passing it on. Which, in tortuous child logic, meant that his friend was the one who had insulted him.

Maddy's contribution to the kiddie crazy was diverting to do painting instead of getting herself ready for bed. First time I found her with the paints, I got her to go and wash her hands. Then, while I did something else... by the time I was back, she was back to the painting and there was a massive black handprint on one of the towels. I extracted her from the painting again... and this time, she'd painted her hands and arms with black paint. Hands washed, commanded to do her teeth and get to bed. Sorted out Felix for something... and there she was again... with the paint brush in hand about to get started again. AAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!

PS And now they're alternating between crying and coughing...
PPS And Felix is sleeping walking... again...
PPPS ... can I stop the day now and go to sleep?!?!?!
PPPPS Please?




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