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Kinda Horrigans

Friday 14 January 2011: Just another day...

322/365: ... and the only time for photography was as I walked from one meeting to the next.

I'd love to come back to this street - Hurts Yard, Nottingham - and do it justice. This isn't even a sharp shot because I was walking at the time... but there's just so much about it that would be fabulous to photograph. The 'Massage for Men' sign (mind boggling!). The woman kneeling down at the top, for example, is looking through records outside a shop called 'Rob's Records'. That in itself is eminently blippable. It is utter chaos inside - boxes piled high, filthy and broken windows. But to record collectors it's magic. And to photographers, it's a gift!

So, why I didn't blip it well... y'know... s'just one of those things. But there'll be another day and it will be mine. Oh yes! It will be mine!

At least it's Friday today. Always comes as a surprise and a relief. Started off the day with Felix announcing confidently that the teachers didn't live in the School (he used to think they did when one day we bumped into one of the Kindergarten teachers in the supermarket and he couldn't get his head around her escape). Anyway, they don't live there. Of course. So, Nick says, 'where do they live?'. 'In houses', replies Felix. So far so good. 'Next to one another', he continues... I can just imagine all the teachers coming out of their terrace row of houses, merrily shouting 'Morning Teacher!!!' at one another as they all head off to School in a giant car.

And then, work. Another day ticked off until I leave. Started to work out handover stuff with other people. Had one meeting I was dreading. Another which was routine. Another which was last minute... and a final one which had me laughing my head off. And then home on the bus. Pick up kids. Make dinner. Do a bit more work.

Then finish.

Oh, and Felix and Maddy are busy winding each other up - there's chasing and scrapping involved and they're alternating between giving as good as they get and whining to the audience. Being hugely responsible, I'm ignoring them and hoping they both survive until morning.

PS I've also discovered that if you put the theme tune to Benny Hill on in the background while they're chasing each other it adds to the whole experience.
PPS Apparently Felix has strangled Maddy. This is great telly.

*carries on listening to the Benny Hill theme*


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