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Kinda Horrigans

Tuesday 1 February 2011: Finished!

340/365: Sunset over Colwick Marina, Nottingham

Was just about to write my entry... and then Felix imparted the following wisdom to me:

The laws of custard

Yellow custard is made of milk
Pink custard is made of meat
Green custard is made of lemon and lime
Black custard is made of chocolate
Blue custard is made of icing and 'nice other things'

Pink custard anyone??

So, today's shot - taken on a quick walk around Colwick Park in Nottingham. For the first time since I started blipping, I blipped a sunset. Well, a 'late afternoon not far off sunset' sunset. But nearly a sunset. And there's a bird in the shot too. Though it wasn't actually in the 'right' place, so... ermmm... I gave it a little nudge over a bit. Which is causing me no end of guilts. I've nearly deleted this shot twice because of my evil behaviour with layer masks in Photoshop.

*deep breath and steps away from the delete key*

Other than a nice walk with the monkeys and Nick... today has been a bit of a 'mare. Started off with me sorting out the banking - and getting the impact of a scarily expensive month in the teensy figure which awaited me there. Then things went a bit better with work and a meeting to sort out some final tweaks to some online materials we've been writing (almost 200 of the things). And that seemed manageable. Came away with a plan. Roles and tasks allocated. Then, it all broke. Badly. And it took ages to find out what the problem was... and then even longer to realise there wasn't a solution to it. So, I had to pull the lot temporarily while we tried to fix it. It's not like the whole of the university is waiting for it or anything... Ooops!

Anyway, that's best ignored until tomorrow. Tonight has seen Felix having a dodgy stomach and decorating the bathroom in a rather unpleasant fashion. And Maddy melting down over stupid 'silly bands' (shaped elastic bands which I will never *ever* see the point of) and ending up being sent to bed early. To be honest, she's over-tired and it's what she probably needed to do anyway. But, why it has to be accompanied by a performance so hideous I'm considered shutting her in the basement until she's 18, I have no idea!

Here's hoping February isn't starting as it means to go on!

PS I may have to run away
PPS Or hide. I haven't decided which yet. :o)


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