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Kinda Horrigans

Sunday 13 February 2011: Bobblehead

352/365: Felix, looks like he's roaring... is actually demonstrating how he can burp to order after slurping his drink.

Isn't he just adorable?

Don't all rush to answer at once...

Oh, and two Felix blips in a row. That's pretty bad, huh? I would've blipped Maddy Moo, but she's boinging about over on Flickr today instead. She was in the middle of 'putting on a show' for me. You know what that's like? Kid has idea for show. Show has no real beginning, middle or end. But lasts for ages. So this 'show' basically involved me sitting in an armchair, held hostage to her yelling 'WATCH! WATCH THIS BIT!!!! WATCH! You're NOT watching!!!!!!' for what felt like a lifetime. But, she was happy and it did buy me a bit of sitting down time, I s'pose, so it's not all bad. :o)

Have also squeezed in going to the supermarket today. Was going to buy oranges to make Seville orange marmalade with... but they didn't have any. Rats. Wonder if I've missed the short season this year? Hmmmm. Anyway, I'd gone with Maddy so it wasn't too traumatic. We got what we needed (with a background drone of her going 'can we go to the café yet?') and some stuff which we didn't. And then had a drink together before heading home for lunch.

Lunch was uneventful - other than the comedy burping - and afterwards Maddy made her first cake all on her own. Reading and following the instructions like a trooper. Brilliant! Naturally her arms came over all teensy and T-Rex-like when it came to tidying up, but it wasn't a bad effort at all. Felix was supposed to be helping me make meringues and opted for 'helping' by licking the spoon when I made some heart-shaped choccies later on and generally begging for food. He is officially rubbish.

Didn't get to go for a walk. Didn't get a lie-in. Didn't get to read my book. Didn't get to relax.

But it still wasn't a bad Sunday all things considered!

Right... off to make dinner. Stuffed peppers for din dins tonight. Am wondering which of the kids will complain first? Probably both.

PS Tough!
PPS The cat left us a mouse-shaped present on the doormat for the first time today (bleurgh!)
PPS Oh, and the migraine is still lurking and has been joined by a seemingly permanent 'feeling sick in the pit of my stomach' nervous feeling. Monday-itis ahoy! (more bleurgh!)


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