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Kinda Horrigans

Saturday 19 February 2011: Don't go down to the water's edge...

358/365: ... mainly because it's dead cold and you'll end up whinging about being frozen for a good half hour afterwards. Especially if you're Maddy Moo. Who'd decided that jumping into the puddles wearing her ordinary boots was a good idea and couldn't be persuaded otherwise.

Smart kid. *sigh*

So, rubbish light again. Not the best image... but... in one week's time I'll be done with my 365 project. YAY!!!! Cannot wait to finish now! *claps hands together with excitement* [update: that doesn't mean done with blipping, by the way... just done with my 365 project]

It's been a bit of a busy day for a Saturday today (and my ridiculous panic head went, 'oh no, what if next weekend's rubbish for photography too and I finish my 365 with a duff shot!!'). Anyhoo, started off by doing a tutorial for my Open University students. Seemed to go well and although I overran a bit. The only problem with going over a bit was that I'd put two loaves on to prove and by the time I got around to putting them in the oven they were MASSIVE! On the verge of going flop but bulging out of their tins like the Pilsbury Dough boy's muffin top. Whoopsie. Am sure they'll taste alright even if they take airy to a new level. Not quite sure how to get them to fit into the freezer though...

What else? The kids have been a mixture of okay and vile today. Okay going to swimming and playing together (although they're scooting their scooters around and around the staircase at the mo doing a big loop through the hallway, living room and dining room - taking full advantage of us not having carpet down at the mo - and driving me a le-e-ee-eedle bit bonkers)... and vile when we went out for a walk and had to detour via Staples for Nick to get some stuff printed. So vile that I ended up marching them back to the car and sat with my grimmest of grim faces on having extracted an apology from both for their behaviour. *twitch*

They were cute on the way home from our walk though. We passed a patch of crocuses under a tree and Felix went 'I've seen Fairyland!!!' at them. Obviously, as he so rightly pointed out, the fairies were all in their houses because it was raining which was why he only saw the land not the little people. There's logic in that crazy noggin somewhere y'know.

Hmmm... that's about it. Nick's gone out for the evening. I'm about to chuck the kids in bed. After that, I intend on doing nothing. At all. I may do a spot of breathing and lying about. But that's it.

Above all, it's just so nice not to have the stress of work hanging over me. I may even manage my first migraine-free day today. Woo hooo!!!

PS Felix wanted his favourite dinner tonight - broccoli pesto pasta.
PPS He ate the lot.
PPPS Is it very weird that a 5 year old boy's favourite food is broccoli?


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