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Kinda Horrigans

Monday 28 February 2011: Don't believe the tyke...

367/365: ... especially not one who looks innocently engaged in art. Well, art in the sense that it involved paint. But it was just an 'egg box stander' with green and yellow paint smeared all over it at the end of the day. To Felix, it was half an hour of intense concentration. And to me, it was half an hour of precious silence.


Especially when it's been grim and grey outside, we've been cooped up with no car and an unwillingness to brave the outdoors any more than absolutely necessary. Felix's grumps of the past day or two have carried on to the point where I start to go 'what am I doing wrong????'. It sure is kinda wearing when he doesn't want to do anything, won't help, won't wear trousers if they're 'NOT my FAVOURITE TROUSERS!!!!' (always shouted in a huff), grumps, whinges and moans like a teenager. I must've wiped out of my head what an awkward time being five was from when Maddy was that age. But every so often bits of it come back. Not before I've had an attack of the crumbling self-doubts. Naturally.

You'd have thought that managing to make a carrot cake together would have helped, however the recipe was as follows:

Self-raising flour
Vegetable oil

Serving suggestion:
Works well if accompanied with a side helping of a small child snatching the peeler and insisting on peeling away most of the carrots. Then a little slice of 'I WANT TO STIR IT!!!!!' and a bit of 'WHY isn't it cooked yet'. Finally, mix in 10 portions of 'is it cold yet' and a sliver of 'why can't we SPREAD THE ICING ON NOW???'... and you have the domestic joy of baking with a grumpy five year old. As an additional garnish? 'I don't like the icing' from small child. Delicious.

We both miraculously survived until lunchtime then he drew on the arm of a chair by insisting on colouring something in the split second he thought of it - which happened to be when he was standing over me sitting in an armchair whilst he was moaning about something or other - then he declared he didn't like me when I asked him to clean it up. By the time it came to walking to pick up Maddy, the pleasant drone of them both complaining that it was freezing cold and berating me for not bringing the car (Nick had it today). Well, you can imagine what a splendiferous day it's turned out to be.

Still 100% glad I'm on garden leave though. Just a staff development session at the Open University to squeeze in this evening... and today is done. YAY!


PS Felix looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth in this shot
PPS It's only because he's probably stolen the butter and already eaten it whilst being generally hideous.
PPPS I love my kids. My sanity's not so sure about them however!


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