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About secret garden

Blown -in from the Uk with my husband Peter, making a new life in beautiful rural south-west Ireland, surrounded by lots of green, sea and mountains. Attempting to live a bit greener and busy growing our own fruit and veg - chickens next.
I work part-time as a special needs teacher in a tiny two classed school which is always a delight. it still leaves me plenty of time to walk in the mountains, skim pebbles on the sea (bad but enthusiastic), wrestle with the ever encroaching greenery in the garden ... and take loads of photos!

A few interesting websites:
Sheepshead Way - site produced by himself for walkers
sheepsheadplaces - my site on local history
Son number 2 - take a peek at his photography and video work
my brother - his daily blog and info about his films and all things to do with animation
son number 1 - on blipfoto
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