UK Athletics

Shot at Glory

Blipfoto has teamed up with UK Athletics to give you the chance to become an accredited photographer at the Aviva 2012 Trials in June.

We want to capture the drama of Olympic selection in a new and creative way, so one lucky Blipper will win a money-can't-buy opportunity to be there at Birmingham's Alexander Stadium, as over 750 of Britain's best athletes go head-to-head for a place on the British team this summer.

Interested? We're looking for action shots that reflect British athlete's dedication their sport - your shots must depict passion, desire and the sheer determination to succeed.

But it's not just athletes that can have these attributes. It could be the passion to win captured in another sport; it could be the determination of your child as they take their first steps; It might even be something completely different that you have dedicated your time to succeeding in. What it must do is capture movement as well as determination...

In short, we want pictures that:

  • Capture a sense of movement
  • Depict action
  • Show a sense of determination to succeed
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