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Contributor rules

Blipfoto is a daily online photo journal - it's a place to build a diary of your life in photographs, and share it with the world. These simple contributor rules are designed to protect this vision and make sure the site remains accessible to everyone.

  1. 1. Don't upload old photographs

    This is what underpins the whole concept of Blipfoto - it's what makes us different and what makes the site so interesting to browse.

    • If you publish a photograph and date it 1st January, it must have been taken on the 1st of January
    • Re-photographing, scanning or altering an old photograph doesn't bypass this rule
    • Don't upload computer-generated images, screen grabs or graphic designs
    • Composites and digitally altered images are OK, providing every element was photographed on the day
  2. 2. Don't post copyrighted material

    It's your responsibility to make sure everything you upload to Blipfoto is your own copyright.

    • Don't upload copies of photographs, artwork or any other material which is the work of another person
    • If you quote text from another source, always credit the original author
  3. 3. Don't post inappropriate content

    Blipfoto is of and for all ages and cultures, so don't post or link to any offensive or inappropriate material. We reserve the right to remove anything we feel isn't appropriate, but as a general rule don't post or link to any material which:

    • is obscene
    • contains nudity
    • is sexually provocative
    • is racist or sexist
    • is derogatory or disrespectful to any individual or group
  4. 4. No advertising

    Don't use Blipfoto for promotional purposes, commercial or otherwise.

    • To provide background information about you as an individual, you may post links and contact details in your biography
    • Don't post links or URLs to your other blogs or photo galleries in your journal
    • Posting links to individual images on other websites is OK, providing they relate to the entry being linked from
  5. 5. Communicate in English

    Blipfoto is a moderated site. To enable our moderators to carry out their work properly, please only post entries and comments in English.

    6. Be excellent to each other

    If you have a problem with anything or anyone on Blipfoto - including all matters relating to the site and moderation - please contact us privately. If you don't have anything nice to say in public, don't say anything at all.

We reserve the right to remove any material from the Blipfoto website and suspend user accounts at our own discretion. If any of your material is removed from the site, you will normally be informed of the reasons by email. Please don't re-post any removed material without first rectifying the problems identified by our moderators.