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I started blipping in 2007 when I was living in Portland, Oregon... on to southeast Texas in 2008 and then to Fort Worth, Texas in 2010. I'll be in FTW until May 2015 and then.. who knows where the wind will blow. And by wind, I mean Residency programs.

I began my first year of medical school in the summer of 2011. I blip and write because I love photography and words. While I aspire to become a better photographer every day, it's not my day job. I do also shoot film (medium format and 35mm) when I have the time. Time is an all too valuable commodity as of late with studying and sleeping high on my to-do list. I do what I can.

EDIT [20 october 13]: I noticed that I end up uploading blips about a month at a time. It's all I can do to keep my sanity. I'm trying to be better at uploading daily but I always end up taking that extra time to sleep. Unfortunately, my writeups are the ones that suffer. And I lose a subscriber every month as well. But if I were in it for the subscribers, I think I would make more of an effort on the quality of my shots instead of making the effort to take at least one photo a day. ;) I'm currently a third-year medical student. As I'm unable to take photos of patients due to HIPAA violations, I do what I can. I love blip.. it's a part of me at this point. I thank you for comments and I hope I can return the favor. It's my goal at this point to have one photo a day throughout medical school in its entirety. I'm past the halfway point!

Aside from photography, I absolutely love excellent coffee, tea, foreign languages, traveling, music, and sleeping.

My first blip.


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