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About Pixel Smiths

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, have a family (7 and 9) own a business (Cabbage Tree Creative) and have been photographing with SLR's for quite a while.

Currently I own a Canon 7D and it has revitalised my interest in photography - the immediacy of Digital. However, with Digital you tend to point and shoot, and not study the subject. After all, the "film" is cheap ... As a result I have around 100 000 photos on my hard drive, many of them very average and needing to be deleted! I really need to work on my workflow ;-)

I have been on blip a while now, and while in the "old days" I aspired to be on the spotlight page and have rated images, these days I am not concerned. Blip has been a journey for me and I now have a fabulous record of my family and experiences. That's priceless to me.

And along the way I capture a decent photo or two, which I hope you enjoy ;-)

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