the edges of my life

About the edges of my life

I'm a vet nurse from Australia living and working in rural Vietnam. I work for an organisation that rescues bears from the torture of bile farms - something I've been passionate about for years....
Life at times gets me down, and other times I feel that yes we really can make a difference. And other times i just cut loose..
It's remote and lonely here so I thought I'd try becoming part of the Blip community!

Postscript - 5 months later and I wonder how I ever survived this massive challenge without the blip community and the 'demand' (self imposed) to take an image that tells a story that relates to my life every single day.... the feeling of being connected - to strangers who share my thoughts and cares - is quite amazing.

Postpostscript.... its now Oct and the unthinkable has happened - some serious health problems are forcing me home (and out of my career as a vet nurse). I simply havnt been able to keep up daily blipping but found I cant just drop Blip like I did with facebook as blippers are just too wonderful..thank you blip world for helping to keep me sane through all the pain and dramas of the last few months. I go home to a very uncertain future (not entirely without bears as I'll be living inside my old zoo for a short while :) but plan to keep blipping when I can

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