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Kinda Horrigans

Tuesday 22 July 2014: Girls need grot too...

1607/365: ... let's get this straight.

Girls do not inherently like pink stuff.

Nor aspire to wear high heels. Or have make up smeared all over their already beautiful faces. They don't necessarily want to 'play nicely'. Or giggle in a corner about boys and boy bands. They don't all care about fashion. Or what anyone else thinks of them.

Sometimes, girls just like playing in the mud. And wearing navy blue. And not caring one little bit what anyone else thinks about whatever they're doing.

And that's exactly the kind of girl my Moo was today. Filthy. And happy. And dirty. And grotty. Unkempt hair straggling towards her mud-spattered toes. Because girls don't need to play at being pink princesses.

In fact, she didn't do that later on when she decided she wanted to come for a run with me. She decorated her t-shirt with the words 'I AM A GOOD RUNNER (like my mummy)' and was determined enough to keep on running even when her legs were getting tired. We ran, we raced, we chatted, she skipped and boinged, we held hands as we coasted along, the lovely refreshing breeze cooling us as it came off the River Trent. And she kept on motoring. Atta girl!

Oh yeah - I also forgot to be the tooth fairy. Fizz lost a tooth last night and left it under his pillow with a note. I went to bed early and forgot my duty. Fizz appeared at 5:30 looking sad. 'She didn't come' he said, 'I don't understand it'. I nipped to the loo, wrote a note and popped some change in an envelope. Went back upstairs and pretended to spot the envelope under his bed. 'Oh! You missed it!' I say. The tooth fairy says to Fizz on her note 'Dear Felix, thank you so much for your tooth. Please ask mummy to put it in her drawer, it's too hot for me to carry that nice big tooth at the moment, love The Tooth Fairy'. Cue one satisfied boy who knows the Tooth Fairy didn't forget him. She was just a bit too hot and needed help. :o))

PS And that's me all caught up with my blips again!
PPS Atta girl to me too!! :o)
PPPS And she's wearing a home-made friendship bracelet not a loom band thingy. Because trends don't all need to be followed either!




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