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About sp33dway

I'm a freelance graphic designer and image-maker, a husband and a father of one living a hefty stone-throw from the cheshire border in North Wales.

I've been blipping on and off since 2006.

My parents bought me my first slr (Canon AE1) from a camera shop that now sells tapas. My first six months here on blip feature snapshots taken with a 3mp minolta point-and-shoot which has since retired to camera heaven. I now use a Nikon D80, waiting for the day to jump into full frame and make photography something more full-time. I also blip frequently with my iPhone and sometimes with my leica panasonic lumix tz10.

'sp33dway' is taken from a word written in a barnum-esque typeface on an old once-favourite t-shirt. I cemented some good friendships and had some great laughs wearing it. The '33' in my blipname was my age when I started blip.

Contact me: creativepulp.co.uk

Tweet me: @creativepulp

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