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and here as wellAlmost 10 years ago my first love was golf but a heart attack put an end to that.
During my long ang fraughtful recovery from a life changing experience I tried a lot of varied pastimes but nothing compared with the thrill of launching a wee white ball down the middle of the fairway. Ironically I had been playing the best golf of my life and was within a whisker of achieving a single figure handicap when my illness struckThen about 3years ago I bought a point and shoot camera and within a year I had around 6 cameras, none of them gave me what I was looking for so I bought a Canon powershot g9 and experimented , procured a house full of photograph literature and sold my golf clubs ad felt at last I had something to occupy my mind.
Last years I made the jump to my Pentax K-m and I have never looked back
I love my camera and it goes everywhere with me.
edited to add
I now Upgraded to Pentax K 7 ,a bit more advanced now I am off the automatic setting-it may not be as popular as other brands but I love it
see my pics here
and here if you so wish

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