The second half of life..


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About The second half of life..

I came to New Zealand from England at the very end of 1984 for "just 12 months" and I'm still here! After working for over 22 years continuously at the same place without any significant break I made a monumental decision to take 2008 'out' for me to have some time for myself - to explore new things, to relax, to find myself......

I've always loved taking pictures. I remember getting my very first camera for Christmas when I was about 8 - I was soooo excited! It was a Kodak Instamatic and I also remember the eager anticipation when I'd saved up to get the film printed (or, more likely, Mum or Dad bailed me out!) and how exciting it was getting the prints back. Maybe it was the cost factor, maybe it was the development of other interests, but I slowly grew away from picture taking. With the advent of digital photography however, my interest has been rekindled over the past few years and I've found I still love taking pictures. For my 'year off' present to myself I bought a new camera early in 2008 and, as good fortune would have it, was introduced to blip in March......perfect timing don't you think?

The journey I began in 2008 has changed me. The momentum of personal growth and development that evolved during the year seems to have been the key that's unlocking the real me. I recently asked Mum what I was like as a child. She said I would often prefer to be indoors creating or learning something than outdoors running about. How strange that I've been a Phys Ed teacher for the past 30 years! These days I find I do love the outdoors, but the creative part of me is constantly snapping at my heels once again. I feel I'm now on my journey back home to myself. I just know that the next few years are going to be years that continue the theme of change as I continue my journey back home to me.......

I like my pictures, but to be perfectly honest, it doesn't really matter to me if you do or you don't. At the end of the day, I take pictures because I like to; I like creating the images, capturing the detail or finding interest in the mundane. It's a pursuit for me - I haven't really known what I'm pursuing although I now feel that maybe it's the journey not the destination that I crave.

If you like my pictures, let me know. If you don't then that's OK - maybe you could just go look at someone else's pics and come back again another day to see where my journey has taken me....

Here on blip I'm going to do my best to make comments for other's too. I've seen some stunning images here - images that stop me dead in my tracks, images that make me wonder, images that make me smile. It's great to be able to pass on a few words to those that capture my imagination for whatever reason. That's what photography's all about isn't it?

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