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About w4z PHLOGS

Wells for Zoë is a small Irish humanitarian organisation. At present we are involved in wells and pumps for safe drinking water, rainwater harvesting, and small dams for water storage, in four rural areas of Malawi. Set up in 2005, Wells for Zoë concentrates on low cost, small scale, appropriate and sustainable water technology.

Our aims are to:
- Establish a competence in well drilling and pump installation;
- Promote water storage in its many forms, by advising on simple technologies, in association with local Government staff, and providing low cost credit (or grants, when there is no other way forward);
- Facilitate the local manufacture of the pumps, by building and equipping a small factory at St. John of God's (SJOG), Mzuzu;
- Train the local people, men and women, some of whom are clients of SJOG, in the manufacture and maintenance of the pumps;
- Promote the use of alternative irrigation methods and a better range of crops;
- Empower people to help themselves, by using sample organic gardens in lands provided by the Group Village Headman;
- Promotion of compost making;
- Introduction of micro-credit schemes;
- Organise all projects within a local village management structure

This is our phlog (photo blog) to describe in photos our daily efforts. The photos will be either taken in Ireland, where we are based, or while working in Malawi.

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