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This was inspired by some lovely people in my life.
After a challenging year in 2010, one friend made me realise that we are in charge of our own happiness. She is a beautiful positive woman who is never scathing or negative and who radiates even more warmth and positivity, she made me realise that happiness and beauty is all around, but ,sometimes we have to seek it out.
My second friend is also someone that sees the beauty in photos and images and who is a hopeless romantic, her quirkiness and ability to fall in love with anything ,even a soya hot chocolate ,makes me smile.
I wanted this to be a journal of the love and goodness of 2011. This leads me onto the third friend who has an album of photos on FaceBook called " Recent Goodness", they always give me a glowy feeling. She influenced me into wanting something aswell as my funny,but random, FB statuses to look back on this year, something more concrete: so here it is.
This is some of my own goodness, a daily photo blog born from beautiful or funny things;just one a day, a way of writing a happiness image diary.
I call this diary " Contentment and Giddiness " as I anticipate this year will be a year of smiles but also big laughs.
Happy 2011.



UPDATE April 2012: What can I say. Blip has completely changed my life. I honestly thought it was going to be a journal of mediocre shots that told a story of ramblings and banal stuff. Well the ramblings and banal stuff are all still there but I have learnt so very very much from blip and been influenced by so many people on here that I have actually started taking some decent shots. It's thanks to the whole community that I had a photo in a magazine to go with a blip arcticle and it's thanks to the community and it's encouragement that I have had the confience to apply to exhibit at a local fayre. ( NB Fayre rather than fair : makes it sound so very high brow!!)
I have made some amazing friends through blip, too many to name here.
Thanks all xxx

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