By cyclops

300 + 50,000 = :-)

As you may already have guessed from the image, today is my 300th blip. Furthermore, my total view count passed the 50,000 mark overnight! So it's a double cause for celebration, for me at least! I've got a huge amount of pleasure from doing these 300 blips, and while there havebeen ups and downs in my creativity and enthusiasm overall it's been great!

I decided to go for a completely graphic shot after my toast at 200 and my beach at 100... Continuing my trend away from natural celebration images. Maybe at 365 I'll reverse that, who knows.

Still, there's almost no post-processing on this (a little crop, slight straighten, minor gamma & saturation adjustments). It was taken using a remote triggered flash behind a piece of cardboard with holes in it for the letters, made with a pin. I was using a star effect filter to get the starburst.

Joe and the gang at BlipCentral get my profound thanks for all their hard work creating this site and keeping it going. MrsCyclops gets my thanks for putting up with my blipping (then eventually joining our ranks). A final big thank you goes to everyone who looks at or comments on my pictures!

P.S. Check out my late "Finals" blip from last night if you haven't already seen it...

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