1500 Blips - No Gaps

It's 9:15 am, and I'm standing on a bench in George Square Gardens, near the office where I will be working today. I have two red balloons (scrawled on with marker pen) in one hand, and my camera in the other. I am getting some funny looks as I try to get exactly the reflection I want (rising sun) in the balloons, without the highlights obscuring the text...

In many ways this sums up my experience of blipfoto. I am somewhere I wouldn't otherwise be, doing something I wouldn't otherwise do. I am taking a photo I wouldn't otherwise have taken while learning things about photography I wouldn't otherwise have learned. I am taking a moment out of a busy day for myself, taking time to be creative, and creating a memory I can look back on. This photo will always remind me of this moment, and all the things going on around it.

Thank you Joe for creating this wonderful site, MrsCyclops for putting up with me blipping (and in general!) and to everyone who stops by my journal!

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