slow harvest

After nine months of living amongst the Leithrons I feel I've gained their trust and learned their ways. They're like pussycats really: one moment pretending to be your friend, the next instant completely disinterested then a moment later trying to permanently disfigure your face with something sharp in their hand. My confidence amongst them has grown sufficiently to allow me to explore some of the danker and less-easily-escapable corners of the Leitharium when popping out for wee investigative trundles in the evening without fearing too much for my safety. This particular corner was slightly more brightly-lit when I popped down it previously when it was too windy and rainy to photograph properly but this time there was evidence of other human activity: large trucks were leaving the giant pipe farm once every couple of minutes carrying a single pipe, crossing the road to my right and entering the area these rails lead to and from, emerging a short while later in a pipeless state. The giant JCB-type thing sitting in the middle of the pipe farm was lit up and active and was presumably responsible for loading the trucks. It seemed to be an exceptionally slow and tedious way of doing things which perhaps explains why there are so many pipe-sections still sitting there in stacks as it would take at least ten years to shift them all at a rate of one every few minutes. It's a shame that so many giant pipes are sitting there unused when they could spend their time doing something more useful such as forming part of a giant wind-chime; there are certainly enough cranes in the vicinity to dangle them from and presumably something nearby has the technology to cut the pipes to tune them.

Fortunately no-one bothered to pop over and be officious at me for lurking around suspiciously with a camera whilst wearing a high-visibility anorak and sitting astride a bicycle with three lights each front and back.

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