secret garden

By freespiral

Free and easy

The walking bus worked a treat. Four came aboard with me and eight came in the other direction - the rest forgot. Tomorrow I think we might have everybody. My little crew skipped up and down the hill in their fluorescent jackets full of the joys of spring. I think we'll be wrecked by Friday.

I had a gentle walk on my return. I picked a few illicit daffodils, admired a few lambs, popped into one abandoned building and came out again smartish as it felt spooky; and smiled at this. This is actually a rather fine example of an Irish settle now propped up by a stile and still bearing quite a lot of its original orange paint - very popular colour around here!. Maybe you're meant to take a little rest here and admire the view -I'm not sure because this part of the walk comes through someone's garden. These handsome pieces of furniture can be found abandoned in all sorts of unexpected places - a shame, I'd love it.

The other interesting feature is there's a walking woman sign - normally they're walking men but someone's added a skirt - no discrimination here.

And the little yellow dots are daffodils - a lovely spot.

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