By cyclops

More mixed sky...

We were promised a cold wind with snow today, but in the end none came. All day the sky has been changing, glowering clouds alternating with calming blue.

It feels like it's been a long day at the office already and it's only 5pm. I dashed out a few moments ago to try to find a blip in the car-park with the last of the daylight. I meant to go out at lunchtime, but I was too busy. Not that I have really done any of the things I meant to do today. I seem to have been caught up in technical fire fighting. That's what I get for spending a day on sales and marketing yesterday... So I'm still in the office for another hour or so.

I liked the sunset showing the same variety of weather we've had all day, but it was hard to find an angle on it without buildings in the way. My imagination in the middle of a busy working day was not up to finding a way to incorporate the buildings into the shot... The net result is that I'm not completely happy with the composition. I didn't really have time to walk to the bottom of the road to get more flexibility.

I often seem to find myself torn between conflicting desires. On the one hand, I want my blip to reflect my experience of the day. On the other, vanity demands that I find an image that stands on its own when others look at it. I could spend hours each day finding the perfect blip opportunity, but at the same time I have too many other things to do.

Back to work for now though...

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