a day in the life of Jack

By jacksmom726

Growing up fast!

Had a little time this morning to go to the park and enjoy the warmer temps and sun. I thought Jack looked really cute in his flannel shirt and jeans so I grabbed a bunch of photos of him while we were there.

He seems so grown up all of a sudden...not my little baby anymore. Hard to believe he will be 5 this summer, the time is flying by so fast. I wish I could stop time and hold on to these days as long as possible!!

I've uploaded more pics from our mini photo shoot here if you'd like to take a look!.

When we got home, we looked out to see bulldozers knocking down all of the trees and bushes across the street from our house. It's so sad to see. We really enjoy having the woods across from us, but soon there will be a new development going in. I'm trying to see the positive side (maybe some more kids in the neighborhood for Jack to play with??), but all I think about are the birds, the deer, the turkeys...all losing their homes. The hawk photo I took a week ago was in a tree across the street that is now no longer there.

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