A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Spring on The Millennium Way - stage 1

This walk was opened in the year 2000 as the name suggests and I walked this first stage, and stage 2, in October of that year intending to continue it through the autumn and winter. Three things happened to prevent this, the first was extreme weather, storms causing flooding in the area and making the land excessively wet. Secondly our friend who was walking with us at the time got pleurisy and then finally we had the Foot and Mouth outbreak which prevented access to much of the countryside.

So ten and a half years later I have started again on a glorious Spring day and hope to complete it this time. The circuit goes around the rural northern side of Bradford and this section was from Shipley Glen along the River Aire and up Beckfoot to Harden where I live. The total walk is 45 miles in 11 sections.

This is Beckfoot Bridge a little over half way along the walk. It's an old packhorse bridge and as you can see it is alongside a ford across Harden Beck. Not a reliable route for vehicles, even 4x4's have been known to get stuck!

I hope to bring you more of this walk through the Spring and complete it this time!

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