Road Trip

Karin and I went on a road trip today. Primary destination was Creemore, a quaint little town about two hours north west of where we live. The weather was perfect for a road trip too - sunny, mostly and about +10C.

Creemore is locally famous for a very fine beer they make there. This fame has let to a bit of a renaissance of sorts for the town. Not that many years ago it was a bit of run down, tough, dirty little small town in the middle of nowhere. But the tourism brought by the craft beer operation has had very positive effects!

After leaving Creemore we drove a little further north to the south edge of Georgian Bay to the very popular summer resort town of Wasaga Beach. Tacky! It has the common problem of most of the lakeside summer resorts here - they were mostly built up as cottage communities post war (ie. '40s & '50s) and the places built then were done on the cheap. Everything looks old and worn out and run down. But in the summer when the towns are packed with people and the beach calls, you hardly notice anymore what the town looks like (being distracted by all the beautiful bodies, virtually naked ;))

Then were off to visit some friends of Karin's in a quiet little rural place called Oro Station. This is on Lake Simcoe. Another lovely, largish lake here in southern Ontario. We had a nice visit with them catching up on so many things before heading back home.

We left at noon. Got home just before midnight. A great day.

I have other pictures of Creemore and Wasaga that I'll put on my Flickr now too.

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