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Our annual trip to Lézignan la Cèbe this morning to buy oignons de Lézignan - sweet onion plants. The title 'la Cèbe', from the Occitan word ceba meaning onion, was given to the village in the seventeenth century because it was known for this very sweet variety of onion. There are several producers who grow the seedling onions in small patches of ground near their houses and then sell them in bunches of 50 at this time of year. From about June onwards they'll be delicious raw in salads or cooked on the barbecue and then as they get older and less sweet in August we use them for cooking. There's more information about the place and a link to some recipes (in French) here.

As this trip was part of our garden planning for this year, I think this blip qualifies for the 2011 Challenge - planning.

I took a couple of quite good shots of a hummingbird hawk moth in the garden this morning, but wasn't quite happy enough with either to blip them. I've put them on mygarden blog.

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