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1. My bag was stuffed with homemade food this morning. Banana loaf and a left over banana, the lamb gorgeousness for lunch and a slice of banana loaf to finish (what? it's homemade!).

2. After the euphoria that closed last week, I seemed to spend most of the day with a furrowed brow. Maybe I should have brought another slice of banana loaf. Hoping that my colleagues didn't notice my crabbittness and put it down to being hard at work and deep in thought. I was. It just makes me crabbitt.

3. Rolled out my french resistance / 60s poet / mid western lesbian from the 90s look today. Not sure it's a keeper, but it's good to try something a bit different.

4. Leaving work in daylight has had the affect I hoped it would. Suddenly with the adjustment of the clock it feels like you have loads more time, that the evening is only just starting. It feels fresh.

5. I noticed how cool the lights are in central station this morning. They are pretty fancy and they made me look up much more than I ever had. I couldn't get a picture that I liked with the lights in it, but this is the roof. Folk really knew how to design a station back in the day.

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