Penguin Droppings

By gen2

Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria)

Today has been busy packing along with a bit of shopping since we are flying out at lunchtime tomorrow bound for Brisbane where we will spend the next three weeks. Access to the internet during that time remains unknown but I hope my Vodaphone dongle works up there.

Whilst at Woolworths I took a look in the woodland beside the carpark and found a number of fairytale toadstools. I thought I was lucky, but have since discovered that the fly agaric toadstool (Amanita muscaria) grows like a weed here in Tasmania, often parasitising the imported radiate pine tree (Pinus radiata) as indeed it was here.

Incidentally, the same pine trees that the black cockatoos were demolishing a few days ago.

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