Five things

By fivethings

The horror

1. A day in the office; work, meeting about effin Christmas, work, a nice homemade biscuit, lunch up the hill accompanied by big fat bunnies on the walk there, work, a meeting, another meeting, work and a new Blackberry.

2. A stroll home in the sun blethering first to Colin in person and then my mum on the phone.

3. I cashed in my early week investment in home economics tonight. I made a fish pie from ingredients purchased on Monday and potatoes mashed on Tuesday. I made stock from the chicken roasted on Monday for a risotto to be cooked on Friday. (Try singing that to that Craig David song). My smug-o-meter is through the roof. Specially when Colin forgot his own keys and had to come to mine just as a homemade pie came out the oven. If only I could fool him into thinking it was like this all the time.

4. Until a minute ago my photo today was a rather lovely picture of a big fat bunny in the sun. That was until we switched the telly on to discover the Zombie classic 'Colin' just starting on the Horror channel. Based on a true story.

5. Colin wanders into suburbia to witness the carnage of a young woman attempting to work her new Blackberry after a beer or two. The horror.

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