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Tiger Who Came To Tea

Today was Toddlers first ever trip to the theatre. Her and Wife went to see The Tiger who Came To Tea at the Kings Theatre. Toddler has been very excited about this for a while now and this morning she could hardly contain herself.

Baby and I wandered down to the thatre with them both snapped this shot and then went for a walk to do blokey things and eat cake whilst the ladies went in and soaked up the thespian culture.

When the show had finished Toddler and Wife came and met us at a cafe. Toddler was very happy. She had had a fantastic time. Before the show started a girl sitting in front of her even gave her a lollypop which started off all the fun.

She told me all about the story, with a little help from Wife. They then explained about how they all joined in with bits of the show and even had to do Tiger Aerobics at one point. Since the show they have been singing the Tiger Who Came To Tea song, so much so that now I can't stop singing it.

So the theatre was a big hit indeed and we will be taking her again soon. I am really pleased Toddler liked it. When I was little my parents would often take us to the theatres round here and I have very fond memories of it. The memories generally are not of the shows I saw though, they are of the place, the seats and the binoculars you could get for 20 pence, they were ace!

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