By Adda


one has to spare a thought for yesterday's was a story about a young Bosnian boy - Mirad. A story set in the background of the Yugoslavian civil war. The entire play was by just two actors playing multiple characters in 14 locations. The performances were excellent...the male actor in particular was simply brilliant and brilliantly simple...Interesting story telling, good background music and power packed performance. The actress was pretty and carried the most convincing expressions. Though I thought some of her diction could've been better but that just me asking for more. The costume was simple but carefully chosen. The woolen cap, the old coat and trousers, her sweater, socks with holes...The venue probably was not up to the mark when compared to the quality of performance. Lights could've been better placed and controlled but I guess there were limitations with the auditorium. It is good to find some quality theater here in Hyderabad - reminds me of my own theater days in college :)

Though the entire performance was captivating but the last scene will be etched in my the couple was leaving, she turned around...her eyes trying to see beyond the visible...eyes full of hope, that her nephew, Mirad is somewhere around and will come out of his hiding...she left the stage...the stage lights went dim for the last time in the act, but her eyes, her was still there, waiting in the dark...for her nephew to return...(*respect* to the director!)

[Unrelated]: talking in today's blip about yesterday - does that make this a 'backblip'? :)

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