Daily Wild

By emyjane

Larry Legs gets the Worm

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Ok, it took my birds 2 days to realise what was in those shallow plastic plant bowls...

I was looking through my study window this lunchtime & there stood Larry staring at me angrily, if robins could have tantrums & throw their toys out of prams, then Larry Legs was about to demonstrate one for me - he picked up the drowned worm from last night on the bird table & literally flung it away angrily on the ground... Then bobbed up & down, literally stamping his legs at my direction... That was it he was almost yelling, I KNOW what these worms are & I want the LIVE version!

So out I went & filled the container & sat on the opposite bench with my camera, within seconds Larry was down & eating the worms, I took this shot, not realising he was flying off with one, it was a split second shot, yes, it's out of focus, but I wasn't prepared for it & neither indeed was he - he looks like a startled rabbit caught in headlights! But least his beak contained a worm, well, now 'ex' worm!

So over the coming weeks - expect more shots like this! You're all been warned!

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