All that is beautiful

By sharob


Does everyone have a kitchen drawer like this?? I've been on a cleaning mission today (and still managed to read and play with the girls and do an hours work and feed the girls good wholesome meals) i saw ants in the utility room, I had to gut the room, get everything off the floor and re-tidy it! I really dislike ants and the utility needed doing ... Which meant that the kitchen cupboards needing wiping, all the appliances needed a wipe down, I've just done the floors ... So guess I don't need to Zumba tonight! :)

Oh, and Storm isn't well. I don't know what's wrong, same symptoms for 2 weeks now, constantly clear runny nose, slightly raised but not worrying temperature, tired looking eyes, clingy, irritable, very sleepy but not listless, when she's awake she's completely alert. Appetite dropped a little but again, not in a worrying way. I think she might have hay fever, the symptoms sound right, but I took her to the docs last week and they said nothing was wrong, no infection, I wonder if I should take her back and ask if it could be hay fever, poor baby, she's not quite right .. :(

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