hello again

By admirer


looking over the water a wide view. Clouds in the sky. A heron flies up, I did not want to disturb it, but the bird gives me a nearly abstract picture.
In the morning Mischa and I went to Amsterdam, she to have a talk with a dear friend of us and I with another friend to have a look at the old boat he bought only to get a place in the yacht-harbour. We go with the ferry from Central Station to the NDSM-site. The place where the big ocean steamers used to be build. And now it is an interesting place with haggard old buildings and much graffiti. In due time there will apartments be build for the better to do. It is cold outside, and inside the coffee-house too. But it is good to be there, to start the day.
At the end of the afternoon we all come together, Piet Hein from The Hague too and have a meal at the indian restaurant, and enjoy ourselves enormously.
Train and tram back, looking at my photos, write this what you read now and decide to comment early in the morning on the visitors of my yesterday's sky.
Hope you all sleep well.

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