Sonny and Us

By MisssyM

One up

There is a site online somewhere where folk reminisce over shops that Aberdeen used to have. Shops like the Rubber Shop, The Other Record Shop, Al Askan See and the terrible but hilariously titled Jist A'thing (as in "Fit hiv ye goat oan sale?" "We've goat jist a'thing!")

Today was Independent Record Shop day. Ours is the great One-Up in Aberdeen. Please support it, it's ace. Next time you fancy buying a CD, pop in and get it there. They are an institution and a valuable part of Aberdeen culture. Don't let One-Up live on only in the memory on one of those nostalgic websites. Keep it real, actual and on Belmont Street.

Oh and come and see The Lorelei launch their album there on Sat 14th May. Because that will be a happening and a half.

(I bought too many CDs today..but they are all ace, so it's worth not having decent meals this week)

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