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By SJordan

Gaudi's Serpent.

Another busy day today. :D We went to Gaudi's Park Guell, which I'd been simply dying to see, and let's just say, it's didn't fail to impress, the architecture of that place is astounding, Gaudi is a true genius in my eyes. :D The buildings were gorgeous and the Serpent was amazing, something I'd really wanted to see. It was also interesting seeing all of the people with their little stalls up top.

After Park Guell we headed back into Barcelona for a bit, and took a walk through the gothic district, once again, an amazing area to view, it also has brilliant architecture. :D We did a little shopping, then headed to the Hard Rock Cafe for a great meal. After which we took a last walk down La Rambla, and along the sea front before getting the metro back to Badalona. :D

We wanted to be able to see it in day light for once. When we got back we stopped for ice cream, then went to the beach, I wanted to go paddling in the Med, which was actually warmer than I was expecting! :D We then took a walk around some of the shops, before heading back to relax in the hotel before leaving in the morning. :(

Welcome to Park Guell.

Practicing my flower photography.

One of the Park Guell entrance buildings.

And the other.

Another Gaudi masterpiece.

Gaudi mosiacs.

One of the many preformers.

Mum & I with another.

Practicing Wildlife photography as well.

Gothic District.

Harbour front art.

Paddling in the Med.

A Church in Badalona's Roman Quarter.


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