All Those Pretty Things..

By erinsharp

Curious George...

This is my brother....isn't he a looker? :P lol I assure you this isn't his normal face, Probably the effect of playing on the trampoline with our 2 cousins all afternoon.

But we had a lovely day, I can't complain. It was great fun, I just wish my friend had been able to make it =[ sad times!

My camera definitely worked a treat though! I managed to get LOADS of photo's of everyone on the trampoline using a continuous shot. It was great because I managed to actually get people mid "flight" just like my brother here!

However this did make it incredibly hard to choose a photo to blip. A lot of them showed the day of nicely... but I think this is the winner. Although I did get that opinion from a fellow blipper, and he might be picking the worst photo so I don't get many views :P This Blipfoto malarcky has kind of turned into a bit of a competition with us! :P lol

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter :) And didn't eat too much chocolate! :P

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