Kirstie Gossage

By KirstieG

Fish and Chips at Crackington Haven

Thats what we had for lunch over looking the sea after a hill walk or was it another session on the stair master!!

I did start the day saying I DONT want rock climbing or mountaineering today, please can we chill. Well those who know where Crackington Haven is, know that its in the depths of a valley if you want to walk you have to climb a mountain. Again I had inappropriate footwear so we went up and down a few hills and back - not the whole 6 miles to Boscastle!!

Have spent the last few hours in mums garden and got some gorgeous shots of the pups playing frisbee but I think I have given you all Casper and Stanley overload - even though they are soooo gorgeous it was hard not to!

Lovely day and I cant wait to return. Mum is only 8 miles from Crackington Haven and it was lovely and quiet there - only down side is no pups allowed on the beach so we had to settle for the pub (is that a downside??)

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