Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog

New Leaves

I unexpectedly had to go and pick up 6yo from school today, and seeing as train times and school closing times don't co-incide, I had twenty minutes to potter about while waiting.

This scene is just at the edge of the village, to the north of Ladderbanks lane, at the point that it has turned into a track, just above Tong Park. On the OS First edition (revised 1934), this is field 149, a plot of 10.414 acres. There is a line of fine mature trees (seen on this panorama taken at the same time) which is probably the remnants of an old hedgerow. Rabbits and Pheasants had the pasture to themselves today.

The fresh green of the new leaves makes this a standout picture for me, but it's an impressive tree at all times of the year.

new leaves ~ the brightest ~ of greens

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