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Today has, as usual, been quite a mad one. This morning was my last holiday time to myself which I had reserved to watch a movie, which I almost did bar the last half an hour.

This afternoon was my first dual child Daddy Day without the Wife support network. It started well, I picked both of the little ones up along with all their stuff and headed out on a walk. The first ten minutes went well and confidence was high, until we got into a shop and Baby decided he needed more cuddles. He comunicated this by screaming as much as possible.

The nursery thing is still new to him and he still needs a lot of cuddles after pick up, preferably with Wife. So we decided to wander for a bit to see if he would calm. However this only sparked Toddler into action meaning I had the two of them screaming at me. So I decided to abort and head for home.

On the way I bumped into another parent and told them I was aborting being out for a bit. Strangely talking to another adult gave me some clarity and clam so I decided we would go to Canoe Lake were they could have a run around. Baby enjoyed playing with the ball and Toddler had fun but insisted we go on to the play park.

As usual she knew everyone in there. Both of them had a swing in the baby swings and the Toddler wanted to go on the bigger swing. Whilst she swung I was holding Baby, talking to another Mum and pushing Toddlers swing. Just as I was saying how I had better get them both home in one peice today, as it was my first full run out with them, Toddler announced that she wanted to get off. At the same point I had reached out to push the swing and for some reasone she let go of the swing with her hands.

The result was Toddler flying through the air and on to the rubbery floor. The other Mum took baby as I rushed to Toddler along with another Mum. She was a bit of a mess but not really hurt and with no cuts or bruises. I think it scared us both, me probably more. After retrieving baby I wanted to go home again but Toddler wanted to swing on the same swing again so we did, then she played in the sand and on the slides before I finally got her home on the promise of a paddling pool in the garden.

On the way home I spotted this sign from an old shop. I have never noticed it before and the tailors has long gone, it is currently an empty dog grooming salon. This picture has little to do with my day other than it was the only one I took due to the day being a bit frantic.

After watching a film whilst the paddling pool water warmed in the sun and Baby climbed all over me, Toddler stripped off to hit the pool. She insisted her slide be put in it but then got upset about bugs in the pool. I debugged it but she was having none of it, dipped her toe in and insisted more bugs were there to a point where she made so much noise I could hear the neighbours all closing their windows.

I took her inside to calm down at which point Wife came home to see me holding moaning Baby whilst talking to a loud, very upset nudy toddler with wet feet.

So much for looking like I was coping ok!

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