A Pic is Worth a 1000 Words.

By AgrawalKrish

Mother India

This is newly constructed Delhi airport, one of the most wonderful airports I've seen so far. It's real grand and classy.

My next flight, The Jet airways from DEL - RPR started on-time. There were more friendly crew members than the passengers (only 10 out of 250+ seats were occupied). One flight attendant NITESH saw my Camera and got fascinated, he's interested in Modeling and working hard in Gym daily to tune-up. I must say he has good attitudes.

Are you a photographer sir ?
I: No I'm not a professional but I'm a passionate. Since there were not many passengers in the flight he was keen to see what I've been doing, I gladly accepted. I called him after sometime and showed him the best of the snaps stored in memory card (I've taken over the period of time). He seemed very impressed. We exchange contact details and made promise that will be in touch.

Plane landed RPR airport on-time. Its the first time I saw airport of my birth city, so small but very nicely decorated with natural flowers, plants & grass, just love it. Came out of the airport and called for the cab, Ravi said he'll be there in 5 mins. Was waiting for him and realized I'm missing something' where are my check-in bags (gift bags).. oops without collecting the bags I came out.. huff.. Went back inside the airport and told the security guard that I need to collect my bags.
Guard: You already have 2 bags with you '
I : These are my Cabin & Back packs, I still need to collect my Check-in bags. I'm coming from abroad.
Bags were rolling round and round on conveyer belt.

Kept the bags in trunk and started my Journey towards home. Felt so happy to see my birth place after so long time. Reached home in an hour and half.. Mom saw me after two years, she hugged and just cried. Those few seconds are the precious most moments we live for. To meet and see the sparkle in our loved ones eyes.


*It's a Backblip# 03*

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