Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Growing up

"No, ewe can't have your ears pierced yet...."

Isn't it amazing how quickly the lambs grow up? A few weeks ago they were just being born.

Another day of brilliant blue skies with barely a cloud in sight. The odd thing has been just how windy it's been these last two days - how often is it windy but cloudless? Hardly ever, I would have thought. Cloudless skies aren't much good for sunsets, I went to have a look this evening, there was a good afterglow, but nothing spectacular. The wind is also making the water in the estuary very choppy, so it's been no good for reflections.

Apart from a walk round Dallam Park this morning, where this was taken, it was mainly a day of jobs in the garden and house. Unexciting but needed.

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