By Amalarian


I was lucky to get this shot of frogs sitting on the edge of a pre-World War II community laundry. One click and they were into the water in unison. They are dismayed because somebody cleaned their dwelling place and removed all the silt and pond scum which they love.

You really should look at the full picture of where they're sitting. These community laundries are scattered throughout the hills. The sloping bit, where there are two more frogs, is where women would have scrubbed their laundry. You can see the mud piled high where they would have stood and which the frogs would like to have back. Old fashioned launderette.

I am forever lamenting the lack of wild life here. I am reduced to insects and the tails of foxes disappearing into the undergrowth. We did once catch a mouse in the pantry and I blipped him in a jar before releasing him in a wood pile down the pike a piece. I was very lucky to get a quick shot of eight or nine frogs in a row.

For the record: + 20 C. Cloudy with occasional rays of sun. Humidity 68%. Planted rampant petunias in the horse and other troughs and rampant geraniums in hanging troughs. I didn't but somebody else did. Must get seeds into the ground.

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