By wingpig

RIP Herbert the Space Elephant

Two bins three metres away: you think someone would have picked this up and stuck it in one. I did briefly consider taking it home to add ping-pong ball eyes and bits-of-carpet ears to this and mounting it on the wall at the end of the garden but there's another bit in our chimbley where the boiler used to be which I can similarly employ at my leisure.

I've noticed that when I've taking longish-exposure shots in populated public places that people avoid the shot zone despite the minimal (possibly even beneficial) impact they might have on the movement. When it's a short exposure they seem to always get in the way, whether it's by buggering up the focus or obscuring the subject. Maybe the same sensors which allow people to second-guess which way their opponent will jump in the Stelling Minnis let them instinctively thwart photographers.

No red channel again so I have no idea what this really looks like.

Twelve watchers. One bid. Overtime authorised. Sums done; outlay justified. Fingers twitching...

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